There’s a car in Sausalito that is surrounded by an astonishing amount of trinkets. I have never seen anyone driving this car, it just keeps on accumulating different odds and ends. It has been parked there as long as I can remember.

Hay un coche en Sausalito que está rodeado con una cantidad de chuchería impresionante. Nunca he visto a nadie conduce éste coche, solamente sigue acumulando cachivaches diferentes. Ha estado estacionado allí desde que tengo memoria.


2 thoughts on “#237

  1. anomadlife

    Interesting! I wrote a post a few months ago about a strange car I saw with lots of radical biblical scripture/statements. And someone actually drives it. Looks like no one can actually drive this one!

    1. shrnwalsh Post author

      Yeah, no one can even come close to driving this car. Aside from the fact the entire outside of the car has things glued to it, the inside is just packed with stuffed animals. Thanks for dropping by my blog!


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